Monday, February 27, 2006

Graphical Information

I’ve put up a few examples of the type of work we do. We start with a very strong foundation in business process comprehension and then we determine where the data is coming from to support those business processes. After cleaning, consolidation and processing we determine the best ways to display the information we’ve extracted from the data. So we use both OLAP and Data Mining techniques to accomplish this. What we do is very complex but we try to make it look simple.

The demo I put up uses a proportional mapping algorithm and key performance indicators to show metrics scaled by the size of the metric. We’re using SSIS, MDX, SVG, XMLA, XSLT, Javascript and a few other technologies to create actionable information.

I don’t feel information needs to be presented as hundreds of reports. Who has time to look at that stuff? How do you make sense of it all? The graphical images displayed are gateways to more actions. These could be phone calls to support staff, or they could prompt drill out or down depending on the graphic. We drill down to support Microsoft Office and Excel so the analyst can number crunch. Everything is driven by Analysis Services on the back end so query response time is extremely quick, even if the original database size was in the hundreds of gigabytes.

Have a look at some of our examples at’ll be putting up more images up to show you some of the many unique things we’re doing to display information.


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