Sunday, April 06, 2008

Healthcare KPI Workshop

I’ve been very busy lately. Currently my efforts concern analytics in healthcare. We’ve been using SQL Server Analysis Services as the engine to drive financial reporting and clinical analytics at several hospitals in the GTA. We're consolidating data from sources like Meditech, Winrecs and others into a consolidated, high availability, reporting environment. In addition to that, I’m building a KPI Workshop (Key Performance Indicator) for healthcare that will teach hospital administrators how to create and use KPIs to manage processes and personnel, improve the customer experience and manage costs. We plan on extending the workshop into other areas like retail and mining as well.


Blogger pando said...

I have newly joined a Hospital, as IT Manager. Its my first job in a Hospital.
The management has asked me to submit the KPIs and then onwards follow the stats on it.
The weird thing is that whatever KPIs are coming to my big-brain are all clinical related, like total patients visits in month, avg a day, Emergency visit versus OP visits, avg Inpatients,etc. but these are not IT Dept. KPIs.
What would be the IT Dept. KPIs I am not catching it. Can anybody help me with this.
Thank you
Pandoman Kiermousie

5:55 AM  
Blogger Val Matison said...

There is a great deal you can monitor in the IT side of operations. You should be looking at things like state, log size%, database size%, transaction counts, cpu utilization and so on.

3:07 PM  

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